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How Many Times Can Construction Formworks Be Recycled?

Building formworks have an inseparable connection between turnover times and materials and quality. Generally, wooden formworks can be turned over 4-7 times, concrete formworks can be turned over 20-35 times, and aluminum alloy building formworks can be turned over more than 200 times.

Turnover times of wooden building formworks

Most wooden building formworks are made of high-quality Poplar wood or pine wood as the core board material. After each layer of core board is glued and pressed, it is molded to form a formwork that can be turned over 4-7 times. Within the turnover times, it guarantees no delamination, cracking, deformation, warpage, or hollows after sawing, and can be customized to any specifications according to actual construction needs.

However, if it is used continuously after exceeding the normal turnover times, it may lead to the problems of leaking slurry and bursting formworks, increasing rework and personnel handling costs.

Turnover times of concrete formworks

The turnover times of concrete formworks are 20-35 times, which are also made of wood, but the surface is impregnated with water-resistant phenolic resin-impregnated paper. It is called "concrete formwork" because the concrete surface after using it is smooth and even. It has the advantages of strong water resistance, light weight, and no cracking. With technological innovations and improvements, the turnover rate of concrete formworks has increased compared to previous years.

The better the quality of the concrete formwork, the thicker the formwork, and the more turnover times it has.

Concrete formwork system is mainly suitable for use in shear walls, vertical wall panels, tunnels, arch bridges, overpasses, and other bridges.

Turnover times of aluminum alloy building formworks

Although investing in aluminum alloy building formworks seems to be high, the turnover times of aluminum alloy building formworks can reach more than 200 times, and they not only can be used multiple times but also have the value of environmental protection, recycling, and regeneration, and are truly low-consumption and green building materials.

Workers can directly assemble and splice during construction, it is easy to install and quick to disassemble, which increases the efficiency of construction and reduces the use of skilled labor. Moreover, aluminum alloy building formworks can achieve a plaster-free effect, which greatly reduces construction costs over a large area. The comprehensive cost calculation is much lower than that of ordinary wooden building formworks.

Why do the turnover times of building formworks decrease?

  • After wooden formworks are penetrated by water, they will expand. After prolonged exposure to sunlight, they may crack, deform or curl at the edges, reducing their turnover times.

  • The installation level of construction workers is inevitably related to the turnover times of concrete formworks. If the construction workers do not follow the regulations to number the concrete formworks, open holes arbitrarily or forcibly dismantle the formworks, these construction methods will reduce the turnover times of concrete formworks.

  • Aluminum alloy building formworks have the effect of anti-corrosion and anti-rust, but residual concrete slurry should be cleaned up in a timely manner after each construction, otherwise, they will leak and age, ultimately resulting in a decrease in turnover times.

The above are statistics on how many times building formworks can be turned over. Generally speaking, the decrease in turnover times of building formworks is due to irregular construction. As long as you strictly follow the correct construction methods, you can ensure the turnover times of various building formworks.

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