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How Much Do You Know About the Characteristics of Building Template

1. The characteristics of building formwork

The building formwork is processed in accordance with the specifications of plywood for concrete, which has the characteristics of strong gluing force, good waterproof performance, high strength, more turnover times, convenient construction, improved work efficiency, material saving, and cost reduction.

2. The use of building formwork

In specific use, the building formwork has good construction performance and can be used as a template for a curved plane. It is better than bamboo plywood and small steel plate when it is used for nailing, sawing, drilling, etc. It can also be processed into various shapes according to construction needs and is suitable for pouring fair-faced concrete in various construction projects.

The smooth surface of building formwork can make a level and smooth concrete surface, which is excellent after use, and is especially suitable for the construction of cast-in-place fair-faced concrete projects.  Therefore, it is very popular among people who loves modern building of beauty.

The building formwork is popular because of their high adaptability in many characteristics. The surface of building formwork is dense, smooth, easy to off the concrete surface, abrasion-resistant, and the surface is crack-resistant without delamination.

The building shuttering for concrete has strong performance and strong resistance to the most common acidic compounds. The surface color of building formwork will not change the color of the concrete, and the alkali in the concrete will not change the color of the cladding. It is easy to support modules and fold molds, and the working hour is increased by 30% with high turnover rate compared with steel molds. If properly managed, the building formwork can be reused more than 20 times according to the operating procedures.

The building formwork is a high-grade material, which is most suitable for high-quality construction projects with high requirements such as full concrete and concrete frame high-rise buildings, viaducts, TV towers, and hydropower stations.

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