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How to Choose Good Quality Building Formwork?

In today's market, many buyers of building formwork have been troubled: how to distinguish between good and bad building formwork? How to buy good building templates? There are many kinds of building templates, and the wood materials and glues are different. No one can guarantee its quality, so everyone must learn to buy and look. So, how to distinguish the quality of building formwork? Below we summarize several reference methods for your reference, you can take a look!

1. The texture of the building shuttering: it is the standard for judging the quality of the building formwork. The regular texture of the building template is beautiful and generous, do not choose those building templates with messy texture.

2. Color of building formwork: Excellent building formwork should have natural color, clear wood grain and visible raw materials. If the exterior color of the building formwork is heavier and the paint layer is thicker, it may be intentionally whitewashing the appearance defect of the building formwork, especially when the six sides of the building shuttering are closed with paint.

3. Cracks in building formwork: Cracks in medium and low-grade building formwork are inevitable, but it is not good if it is too large. Some cracks appear between the wood grains and will not extend, so you can use them with confidence. However, if some cracks penetrate the pellets, they should not be purchased. As these cracks extend, they will have a huge negative impact on the future.

4. Nodules of building templates: Nodules can be divided into active nodules and dead nodules. As a natural product, it is impossible to be without joints. The reasonable expansion of the seams will make the wood products more beautiful. A good product does not allow defective joints. It is stipulated that all movable joints with a diameter of 3m and dead joints with a diameter of 2mm shall not fall off and shall not be regarded as defective joints.

The above four methods are our experience summed up over the years, I hope to help you.

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