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How to Install and Remove Your Column Formwork Correctly

1. Installation of the column formwork

(1) Plaster the cement mortar leveling blanket according to the elevation, and position the pier according to the edge of the column formwork to ensure the accuracy of the elevation and the position of the column axis during the installation of the climbing form.

(2) Install the pre-assembled pieces of column formwork: First place the two adjacent pieces in place, and then temporarily fix them with iron wires to tie the main ribs; Use U-shaped clamps to connect and clamp the two pieces of formwork; After finishing the two pieces of formwork, install other two pieces of formwork. You may also be interested in round concrete column forms and get more information.

(3) Install column hoops.

(4) Install tie rods or diagonal braces. Two tie rods are set on each side of the column formwork, which are fixed on the embedded steel ring of the floor, controlled by theodolite, and the verticality of the column formwork is corrected by the flower basket bolts. The angle between the tie rod and the ground should be 45°, and the distance between the embedded steel ring and the column should be 3/4 of the column height.

(5) Clean the inside of the column formwork, close the cleaning opening, and go through the pre-inspection of the column formwork.

(6) Removal of the column formwork. First remove the tie rods (or supports) of column formwork, then remove the column hoop, remove the U-shaped card connecting each column formwork, and then gently pry the formwork with a crowbar to separate the formwork from the concrete.

2. Product protection and safety precautions during installation and disassembly of the column formwork

(1) When hoisting the formwork, lift and put it lightly, and avoid colliding with the floor concrete, and prevent the formwork from deforming.

(2) The column formwork can be removed only when the strength of the column concrete can ensure that the surface and corners of the column are not damaged when the formwork is removed.

(3) Do not use a sledgehammer or pry frame to pry hard when removing the formwork, so as not to damage the concrete surface or corners of the column.

(4) The removed column formwork is cleaned and trimmed in time, painted with release agent, and stacked according to specifications.

(5) When removing the pre-assembled column formwork, hang the sling first, then remove the tie rods and the connecting parts of the two pieces of concrete column forms for sale, and lift the column formwork after the formwork is separated from the concrete surface.

(6) Scaffolding should be erected for high-altitude operations, and safety belts should be worn by operators.