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  • Jun 19,2020
    What is Scaffolding and Formwork
    Formwork is a model for the molding of newly poured concrete. The formwork system is composed of formwork, supporting parts and fasteners. The mold for the molding of concrete structure or reinforced ...
  • Jun 16,2020
    Formwork Positioning
    The formwork system consists of two parts: formwork and support. A formwork is a model for forming a concrete structure or component. As a tool for forming concrete components, formwork itself should ...
  • Jun 13,2020
    Safety Technology of Formwork
    The amount of steel, bamboo and wood used in formwork construction in China is huge, and formwork construction is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures. Experts pointed out tha...
  • Jun 10,2020
    Application and Characteristics of Scaffolding
    Scaffolding refers to the various supports erected on the construction site to facilitate workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. The general term for scaffolding in the c...
  • Jun 07,2020
    Requirements for Scaffolding Application
    Special requirements for scaffolding application in building construction1. When it comes to construction scaffolding, the materials used in the construction of high-level scaffolding must meet the qu...
  • Jun 04,2020
    What is Scaffolding and Types of Scaffolding
    On-site scaffolding has brought a lot of convenience to the construction. It is generally used in the decoration of external walls or interiors or in places with higher floors that cannot be directly ...
  • Jun 01,2020
    The Concept of Building Formwork
    The building formwork used for construction of cast-in-place concrete structure is mainly composed of three parts: panel, supporting structure and connecting parts. The panel is a bearing plate that d...