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Installation Precautions of Steel Formwork

Ⅰ. Steel formwork

Steel formwork is an important tool for construction in construction projects and an important content to promote the progress of construction technology. Rapid development of large-scale construction of high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings and large public buildings, large-scale infrastructure construction, urban traffic, highways, and railways puts forward new requirements for formwork and scaffolding systems construction technology.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the installation of steel formwork

1. Prepare a safety technical plan for the installation and removal of steel formwork and strictly implement it.

2. The installation and removal of steel formwork shall comply with the relevant regulations for high-altitude operations.

3. The power cords of temporary lighting and electromechanical equipment used in the construction of steel formwork should be well insulated, and should not be directly erected on the steel formwork. Use insulating supports to separate the wires from the steel formwork, and strictly prevent the line insulation from damage and leakage.

4. When the steel formwork is constructed at night, there must be sufficient lighting.

5. In installing and removing steel shuttering, scaffolding or working platform should be erected, and protective railings or safety nets should be set up.

6. Personnel working at high places should pass through ramps or construction elevators, and it is strictly forbidden to climb up and down the steel formwork or ropes.

7. The reserved holes of the steel formwork, elevator shaft and other places should be covered or set up with protective railings.

8. When people work together or carry the steel formwork, they must cooperate closely, coordinate and respond to each other; when working at height, they must be concentrated without fuss or work after drinking.

9. When supporting and disassembling the formwork in high places, do not stack them in disorder.

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