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Maintenance and Characteristics of Circular Column Shuttering

The circular column shuttering is made of high-quality birch poplar wood, which is characterized by lighter weight than ordinary poplar wood, high strength, good toughness, and easy construction. It is made of plywood with a large surface. The inner and outer epoxy resin film is smooth, waterproof, and has certain air permeability. The concrete cylinders are smooth and well-formed, with excellent visual and hand feeling. It is easy to store after repeated use, and the operation is simple.

Ⅰ. Maintenance and storage of the circular column shuttering

1. Repair of circular column shutteringIf the wooden circular column shuttering is slightly scratched or damaged after use, it can be filled with putty and sealed with special repair paint. It can be nailed into the wedge for larger damage and repaired with putty and paint.

2. Maintenance of circular column shutteringAfter the wooden circular column shuttering is used, the inner and outer surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned. There is no need to use sharp tools during the cleaning process to avoid damaging the epoxy resin on the surface of the circular column shuttering. If it is stored for a long time, the surface of the circular column shuttering should be protected by an oiling agent.

3. Storage of circular column shutteringIn the storage process of the building, circular column shuttering, the violent deformation of the circular column shuttering, and the aging of the surface coating caused by the sun and rain should be avoided. At the construction site, the circular column shuttering should be stored on flat and dry ground, with no less than three horizontal supports of 10*10cm wooden squares at the bottom, and avoid storing in places with extreme temperature and humidity.

Ⅱ. Features of the circular column shuttering

1. The advantages of circular column shuttering over steel formwork

The circular column shuttering is lighter than the steel formwork. The assembly can be completed without large-scale lifting equipment, which improves the efficiency of a mold assembly and shortens the construction period.

The size of the steel formwork is standard, and it takes a long time to customize; the wooden circular column shuttering is complete in specifications and can be produced in any specification according to the drawings. The production cycle is short, and it can be pre-assembled in large quantities and shipped as a whole to reduce construction time and ensure the progress of the project.

2. Circular column shuttering is formed by splicing curved plates with a certain radius and arc length to create a cylinder, elliptical cylinder, or other special-shaped cylinders. According to engineering needs, it can be drilled and cut into special sizes and shapes. It has the characteristics of lightweight, simple secondary processing technology, large format, and few seams, which greatly improves the efficiency of mold support.

3. The price of circular column shuttering is better than that of steel formwork, which saves a lot of costs from the source. Secondly, because wooden circular column shuttering is convenient and fast, it does not require tower crane equipment. It can be mass-produced, which virtually shortens the construction period for project construction and saves a lot of total costs.