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Maintenance Skills of Circular Column Formwork

Ⅰ. Demolition of circular column formwork

When the circular column formwork is supported, we can apply a layer of release agent, which not only makes it easier to demould the formwork, but also has a protective effect on the circular column formwork itself.

When removing the formwork of the circular column formwork, we need to remove the derrick frame, wooden square and steel belt around the formwork in sequence, and then stand for 2-3 hours, the formwork will expand and contract under the action of heat and cold. Demoulding begins naturally.

If there is no automatic demoulding, we can use a wooden square to tap the circular column shuttering lightly, and the formwork can be easily demolded. During use, the wooden circular column formwork will come into contact with a large amount of cement, mud and other substances, which will stick to the formwork, resulting in the consequences of scratching the formwork. use.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of circular column formwork

1. The original subgrade and filler must be turned over and dried to meet the optimum water content before continuing to fill.

2. The construction of the superstructure is greatly affected by the rainy season. During the construction in the rainy season, a canopy is arranged on the construction work area so as not to affect the normal construction operation.

3. The steel bar processing plant will install a light-weight steel canopy after it is on the field, so as to protect the sun from the sun in sunny days and prevent rain in rainy days, without affecting the construction of the project.

4. All electromechanical equipment in the site shall be inspected before the rainy season, and its moisture-proof and insulating facilities shall be checked to prevent the construction from being affected by the equipment during the rainy season.

Super-large format construction is easier. Imported special glue for building formwork, the produced cylindrical wood formwork will not be deformed or cracked for 72 hours, and the quality is stable. Sawdust or traces, such a building formwork is no problem to use, of course, there is no problem that the formwork mentioned at the beginning is bulging and hollow.

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