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Manufacturing Process and Selection Methods of Building Formwork

I. Five manufacturing processes of building formwork

China's production of building shuttering ranks first in the world, and a large number of building formwork are exported every year. We will introduce the five processes of making building shuttering:

1. Raw materials of the process

Whether it is wood, plastic or stainless steel, we should first choose raw materials for shaping. Then cut in layers according to a certain thickness and size, and clean up the impurities on the surface, so as not to affect the bonding fastness with the concrete during later construction.

2. Drying treatment

If the building formwork made of bamboo and wood is used, the drying treatment is particularly important. It can be dried or aired in the sun. On the one hand, it can maintain the toughness of the bamboo and wood layer, and on the other hand, it can reduce moisture. The building shuttering is not easy to deform which has higher durability.

3. Gluing treatment

It is not difficult for a careful person to find that the bamboo and wood building formwork usually has several layers. This is because the building shuttering factory has been glued. It is usually more than 5 layers and no more than 10 layers, which depends on the actual application.

4. Molding treatment

It is mainly flattened by hot pressing technology, which can ensure that the building formwork products have good bonding strength and viscosity, and are relatively regular and flat.

5. Trimming and impurity removal

The construction building formwork factory adopts a cutter to cut the excess plates. Besides, spray anti-corrosion paint, which is an important factor to ensure the service life and storage time of building shuttering. Building formwork has the advantages of light weight, large bearing gravity, convenient use and assembly, smooth surface, anti-corrosion and so on.

II. How to choose a good building template?

1. Wood weight of building shuttering. After natural air drying, wood is naturally lighter than water containing wood. You can use this trick to pick in the building materials market.

2. Wood feel of building formwork. It will be relatively dry if you don't feel cold.

3. When the knuckle is knocked, the crisp sound indicates that it is relatively dry. If it is wet, the sound will be relatively dull.

4. Listen to the carpenter's plane. If the sound of plane is crisp, the wood planed out of the building shuttering will be smooth. If the shavings are hot, they will be dry, otherwise they will be wet.

5. Pinch a handful of sawdust to feel whether it is dry.

6. Put a piece of tissue paper under the opened wood to see if it is wet the next day. In this way, you can basically judge the dryness of the building formwork wood.

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