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Qualified Conditions of Bridge Formwork and Construction Process

1. Qualified conditions of bridge formwork

(1) The joints are tight and do not leak.

(2) It is convenient to assemble and disassemble, and it can be used many times.

(3) It has sufficient strength, rigidity and stability.

(4) It can ensure the accuracy of the shape and size of the structure and components.

Therefore, when designing the bridge formwork, it is necessary to be careful and reasonable in accordance with the conditions and standards.

2. The construction process of bridge formwork

(1) According to the vertical and horizontal cross lines of the bearing platform, use the ink line to eject the edge of the formwork, and then use the instrument to check and calibrate after the formwork is supported. And before the formwork is installed, the rust should be removed and the salad oil should be painted to ensure the appearance quality of the concrete.

(2) Φ20m pull rods are set on the straight section of the bridge formwork, and a Φ30m PVC pipe is sheathed. When installing, the port of PVC pipe is on the outside of the panel, and the end is set with rubber washers, gaskets and steel sleeves. The rubber washers are tightly attached to the steel formwork panel by tightening the pull rod nuts so as to prevent grout leakage from pull rod holes during concrete pouring.

(3) When assembling the bridge formwork, all joints are sealed with 3 to 4mm thick elastic sponge pad or double-sided tape to prevent leakage during concrete pouring.

(4) The formwork of the pier is assembled from the middle, and installed in pairs. After the intermediate installation is completed, install the circular arc section formworks on both sides, and then hoist the top hat part of the pallet as a whole after pulling and supporting firmly.

(5) After the bridge formwork is installed, carefully check the position, quantity and tightness of the cushion block of reinforcing steel protective layer.