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Requirements for Base Treatment Before Bridge Formwork Construction and Its Customization

Ⅰ. What are the requirements for the base treatment before the construction of the bridge formwork?

When the bridge formwork is under construction, the most important thing is the treatment of the base. Only by handling this place can the future implementation be smoother and the effect will be good, so we should pay special attention to this aspect and see what are there. request?

1. Oil-free: It is necessary to remove motor oil, salad oil or other oil stains on the surface of the steel formwork. For special-shaped formwork, we can use our matching product degreaser or detergent with strong detergency. The cleaning tools use Hard floor brushes are divided into small floor brushes and horizontal floor brushes.

2. No rust: It is necessary to remove the floating rust, welding slag and other paints on the surface of the bridge formwork. When derusting the plane formwork, it is generally necessary to use an angle grinder with steel balls to remove the rust according to the actual situation of the construction site. It only needs to be treated once. If the rust is serious, the number of treatments can be appropriately increased, but be careful not to treat the surface too smooth, which will affect the turnover of the template paint.

3. Cleaning: Before painting the stencil paint, the stencil needs to be kept clean. Some floating dust on the surface can be wiped off with a dry sponge. The building stencil is then wiped with a cotton cloth with Tianna water (banana water) or turpentine water. Dry with a dry cloth. Workers need to wear foot covers when painting, so as not to stain the template, and the wide template will affect the effect.

The bridge template should pay attention to these contents when carrying out these aspects, and every link cannot be ignored. Only by handling these can the entire project be completed more smoothly. The handling of every detail directly determines the subsequent use effect, everyone should pay attention.

Ⅱ. What aspects should be considered when customizing bridge formwork?

The bridge formwork is made of materials with strong rigidity and stability, and the structural collocation in all aspects must be very good, and the quality of the formwork must be qualified. Especially when customizing bridge formwork, the following four aspects should be considered.

1. The bridge formwork strives to be simple in structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and does not hinder the binding of steel bars, so as to ensure that there is no leakage of slurry during concrete pouring.

2. The formwork should be staggered in the long-direction splicing to increase the overall rigidity of the formwork. The support system should be arranged according to the load of the formwork and the rigidity of the components.

3. The bridge shuttering should ensure that the shape, size and mutual position of the components are correct, and the formwork should have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to withstand the weight and lateral pressure of newly poured concrete, as well as various construction loads.

4. The layout of the template should be drawn with a layout diagram, and the position, specification, model and quantity of the template should be marked. The pre-assembled large template should be demarcated. The position of the embedded body and the reserved hole shall be marked on the layout drawing, and the fixing method shall be indicated.

The above four aspects are the issues to be considered when customizing the bridge formwork, and each item should be paid special attention to. It is more important in this link, and everyone can learn from it when customizing.