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Requirements for Scaffolding Application

Special requirements for scaffolding application in building construction

1. When it comes to construction scaffolding, the materials used in the construction of high-level scaffolding must meet the quality requirements.

2. The foundation of high-level scaffolding must be firm. It shall be calculated to meet the load requirements before erection, and be erected according to the construction specifications, and drainage measures shall be taken.

3. The technical requirements for scaffolding shall comply with relevant regulations.

4. Structural measures must be highly valued. Scissors braces and tie points should be set as required.

5. Horizontal closure: from the first step, every other step or two steps should be fully covered with the scaffold board or the scaffold fence. The scaffold board should be paved along the long direction, and the joints should be placed on the small crossbars overlapped. and the short board is strictly prohibited. The safety bottom fence shall be laid every four steps between the inner pole and the wall.

6. Vertical closure: from the second step to the fifth step, each step needs to set a 1.00m high protective railing and foot guard or protective net on the inside of the outer row of vertical poles. The protective rod (net) should be fastened with the upright rod. After the fifth step, all safety fences or safety nets shall be installed except for protective barriers. In the streets of densely populated areas, all safety fences or safety nets shall be set up from the second step.

7. The scaffolding shall be installed higher than the top of the building or the operating surface by more than 1.5m and shall be enclosed.

8. The steel pipes, fasteners, scaffold boards, and connection points on the scaffolding that have been erected cannot be removed at will. When it is necessary to be removed during construction, it must be approved by the person in charge of the construction site and effective measures must be taken. After the process is completed, it should be restored immediately.

9. Before using the construction scaffolding, the person in charge of the construction site shall organize the inspection and acceptance, pass the acceptance, and fill in the inspection form. During the construction process, there should be professional management, inspection, and warranty, and regular settlement observations should be taken. If abnormalities are found, reinforcement measures should be taken in time.


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