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Safety Control and Installation Requirements of the Sliding Formwork

1. Safety control of the sliding formwork

(1) The lifting equipment and operating platform of the sliding formwork shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the construction design. There should be protective railings and safety nets around the platform.

(2) The operating platform should be equipped with fire-fighting, communication and pedestrian facilities, and lightning protection devices should be installed in the thunderstorm season.

(3) The construction load on the operating platform should be even and symmetrical, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

(4) The holes set on the operating platform should have a movable cover plate with obvious signs.

(5) In the construction of elevators, safety devices such as flexible safety cards and limit switches should be installed, and upper and lower contact signals should be specified.

(6) At the junction of the construction elevator and the operating platform, a safety springboard should be provided, and the springboard should be provided with handrails or railings.

(7) During the sliding process, the horizontal and vertical deviations should be checked and adjusted for every shift to prevent the platform from twisting and horizontal displacement. The sliding speed and demolding time specified in the design should be observed.

(8) The sliding formwork should be removed evenly and symmetrically, and the removed formwork and equipment should be hoisted to the designated place by ropes.

(9) The power distribution box should be located near the control console, and all electrical devices should be grounded.

(10) When steam curing is used in winter construction, the steam pipeline should be equipped with safety isolation facilities. Open flames are strictly prohibited for heating in the hothouse.

(11) If the hydraulic system leaks, it should be stopped for maintenance.

2. Safety requirements for the sliding formwork

The installation of the sliding formwork shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The installed formwork should have a small upper opening and a large lower opening. The single-sided inclination should be 0.1% to 0.3% of the height of the formwork. For cylindrical wall structures with slopes such as chimneys, the inclination of the formwork should be based on the slope of the structure. The situation is adjusted appropriately.

(2) The clear spacing at 2/3 of the height of the formwork below the top of the formwork should have the same width as the structural design section.

(3) The collecting and dividing formwork of the circular continuous variable cross-section structure must be arranged symmetrically along the circumference, and the collecting and dividing directions of each pair should be opposite, and the lap joint of the collecting and dividing formwork shall not leak the mortar.

(4) After the hydraulic system is assembled, it should be tested and inspected before inserting the support rod.

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