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Safety Problems and Solutions of Bridge Formwork Construction

The construction of bridge formwork should be far away from the source of danger, and the safety of construction is the first, so how much do you know about the source of danger of bridge formwork? Let's take a brief look at it below.

Ⅰ. Dangerous source of bridge formwork

1. Formwork collapse: The bridge shuttering collapses due to weak assembly or unstable foundation, causing injury or loss to people or machinery.

2. Object strike: The operator below the bridge formwork suffers personal injury caused by the strike from a falling object above the bridge shuttering.

3. Falling from a height: The operator above the bridge formwork is injured due to improper safety measures (such as not wearing seat belts) or temporary safety measures that are not complete.

Ⅱ. Various matters when dismantling bridge formwork

The solutions to the above problems are as follows:

1. The demolding sequence of bridge formwork is generally first non-load-bearing formwork, then load-bearing formwork, first side plate and then bottom plate. The frame structure formwork removal sequence is generally column → beam side plate → cast-in-place plate → beam bottom plate.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use a sledgehammer and a crowbar to smash and pry the bridge formwork when removing the formwork.

3. When the bridge formwork is removed, the staff should stand in a safe place. After the bridge formwork in this section is completely removed, the bridge formwork, accessories, brackets, etc. should be transported out and stacked.

4. The dismantled bridge formwork, concrete formwork accessories, etc. are strictly prohibited to be thrown away. They should be stacked according to the designated location, and cleaned up, repaired and coated with isolation agent in time, and sorted and piled up for use.

5. If there are quality problems that affect the structural safety of the bridge formwork during the formwork removal process, the removal should be suspended, and the removal can be continued after processing.

6. After the bridge formwork is removed, the board seam tape shall be cleaned by the carpenter, and a little mortar at the board seam and the bottom of the board shall be ground with an angle grinder.

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