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Safety Technology of Formwork

The amount of steel, bamboo, and wood used in formwork construction in China is huge, and formwork construction is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures. Experts pointed out that in the cast-in-place concrete structure engineering, the formwork engineering generally accounts for 20%-30% of the cost of the concrete structure engineering, 30%-40% of the project labor, and about 50% of the construction period. Formwork technology directly affects the quality, cost, and benefit of engineering construction, so it is an important content to promote the progress of construction technology in China. With the development of the real estate industry and the continuous construction of various projects, the formwork industry has developed rapidly.


Precautions of Formwork Construction

① Before working, wear a safety helmet and check whether the tools used are firm. Tools such as wrenches must be hung on the body with a rope to prevent falling and hurting people. Concentrate on your work to avoid nail sticking and slipping in the air.


② For the installation and removal of formworks over 5 meters, scaffolding shall be erected, and protective railings shall be provided to prevent the operation from going up and down in the same vertical plane. Fasten the safety belt when working at heights.


③ Large quantities of formwork and other materials shall not be stacked on the scaffolding.


④ Practical safety measures shall be taken in advance for the installation and removal of formwork construction of high and complex structures. When the formwork is removed at a high place, a certain person shall be assigned to command and mark the working area below. When assembling and disassembling the combined steel formwork, the upper and lower parts shall be taken care of by people, with the assembling and disassembling. It is strictly forbidden to throw from a high place.


⑤ Supports, leading bars, etc. shall not be erected on the door and window frames and scaffolding. The diagonal brace and pull rod in the middle of the access road shall be set at the place with a height of more than 1.8 meters. In the process of formwork erection, if it is necessary to stop midway, the support, tie-in head, and column head plate shall be nailed firmly. During the interval of formwork removal, the movable formwork, traction bar, support, etc. shall be transported away or stacked properly.


⑥ A long crowbar is generally used to remove the formwork. No one is allowed to stand on the formwork being demolished. When removing the formwork, the whole formwork shall be prevented from falling to avoid personal injury.


⑦ If there is a reserved hole on the formwork, the hole shall be covered after installation. The reserved holes on the concrete slab shall be covered immediately after the formwork is removed.


⑧ Set up wires and use electric tools on the combined steel formwork, apply safety voltage below 36 volts, or take other effective safety measures.