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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Tecon - A trustworthy brand from China

In 2017, China Jingye Construction Engineering (Singapore) Pte Ltd (MCC) cooperated with us and ordered the Self-climbing Platform System for the Queens Peak project in Singapore. 

Tecon received excellent feedback on the products and a willingness to cooperate in the future from MCC after completing the project. Tecon and MCC have maintained cooperation relations, discussed further development and collaborated on various projects in the following years.

In 2021, Andy, project manager of MMC, approached Tecon's engineer, who was in charge of the Queens Peak project in 2017. Tried to reuse the Queens Peak project' products and ordered another new batch of the Self-climbing Platform System from Tecon for the residential formwork building project. Initially, they planned to use the Self-climbing Platform System in two buildings of the project. After several video conferences with Tecon, combined with MMC's project requirements and the suggestions given by Tecon's team, MCC decided to use those products in three buildings.

In the follow-up process, Tecon organized several meetings to answer technical questions. Find out that the Self-climbing Platform System used in the Queens Peak project is reusable; it will be assembled under the technical guidance of the Tecon team in August before being officially used in September. And tentatively decided that the new order will land at the site in October. The MCC accepted the scheme.

After three months of communication, the contract was signed in early August, marks the beginning of the second cooperation about the Self-climbing Platform System between Tecon and MCC.