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The Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Formwork Sstem(Ⅱ)

5. It is widely used. Aluminum alloy formwork is suitable for wall, horizontal floor, column, beam, staircase, windowsill, floating slab, etc.;

6. The concrete surface effect is good after formwork removal. After the aluminum alloy formwork is removed, the surface quality of the concrete is smooth, which basically meets the requirements of the finish and fair faced concrete. There is no need to carry out batch swing, which can save the cost of batch swing;

7. There is no construction waste on site. All accessories of the aluminum alloy formwork system can be reused. After the formwork is removed, the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy;

8. It is standard and universal. There are many specifications of aluminium formwork, which can be assembled according to the project; when the used formwork is rebuilt into a new building, only 20-30% of the non-standard boards need to be replaced, which can reduce the cost;

9. The recycling value is high. After the aluminum alloy formwork is scrapped, the residual value of the waste treatment is high, and the average cost advantage is obvious (the recovery price per square meter is about 400 yuan);

10. It has low carbon emission reduction. All materials of aluminum alloy formwork system are renewable materials, in line with the national regulations on energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction of construction projects. Many developed countries have stipulated that wooden formwork is not allowed to be used in construction projects, and the formwork for using should be made of renewable materials;

11. The support system is convenient. In the traditional construction method, formwork construction techiniques such as floor, platform generally use full framing which takes a lot of work and wastes a lot of materials. However, there are relatively few support rods on the site of aluminum formwork support (using an independent support spacing of 1200mm), and it has large operation space, smooth personnel passage and material handling, and easy site management.