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The Application and Importance of Steel Formwork in the Construction Industry

Steel formwork is very common in the construction industry. The steel formwork has successfully replaced wooden formwork. In the past few years, steel formwork has been recognized by many industries, and steel formwork has higher economic benefits than other formworks. Let us briefly understand the role and importance of steel formwork for the entire construction industry.

1. Application of steel formwork

The first thing to understand is the production of steel formwork: the production of steel formwork is relatively simple, and it can be molded by concrete pouring. The simple manufacturing method greatly reduces the cost of steel formwork, so it can be used in a large area, and the steel formwork itself is reusable, which can reduce the capital investment in the entire construction project.

The steel formwork and formwork net are actually the same kind of formwork, but the name is slightly different. After the steel formwork structure is molded by concrete pouring, it will naturally form an ideal rough surface. Compared with other formworks, the steel formwork can be integrally molded with fewer intermediate links, reducing time and cost. And it can be directly put into production.

Steel formwork is mainly used in the construction industry, such as room steel formwork or bridge steel formwork, etc. With the gradual subdivision of the construction industry, the steel formwork has also shown a subdivisional development state. In this way, steel formwork can make better use of its own advantages in different construction projects.

2. The importance of steel formwork in construction projects

Steel formwork is an important tool for construction in construction projects and an important content to promote the progress of construction technology. Large-scale construction of high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings and large public buildings, large-scale infrastructure construction, rapid development of urban traffic, highways, and railways put forward new requirements for formwork and scaffolding construction technology.

When assembling the steel formwork, it must be assembled into a whole in strict accordance with the size of the drawing of matching formwork. When the formwork is assembled on site, it is necessary to control the joints between adjacent formworks, and add clips at the joints of the two formworks to prevent mortar leakage. After the assembly is completed, the formwork and the vertical steel pipe are bound firmly with steel wires to maintain the integrity of the formwork.

Since the steel formwork has an important influence on the quality control of the project in the engineering construction, the production of steel formwork should be based on strict production process control, and the production process technology should be improved in the links of raw materials, gluing, hot pressing and trimming, with full consideration about its own weight, construction load, self-sufficiency of concrete and lateral pressure generated during pouring and tamping so as to ensure that the building formwork and bracket have sufficient bearing capacity, rigidity and stability.

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