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The History and Value of Aluminum Alloy Formwork in the Construction Industry

1. The value of aluminum alloy formwork

High-rise residential buildings are mostly reinforced concrete structures, and the selection of aluminum alloy formwork has a direct impact on project quality, progress, project cost, and construction environmental protection.

When it comes to the value of aluminum alloy formwork, compared with wood formwork, the value of aluminium formwork will increase in direct proportion to the value saved in the number and height of floors, bringing huge economic benefits to builders. Its potential value is that all materials in the aluminium formwork system are renewable materials, which conform to the state's regulations on energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction of construction projects.

Faced with how to effectively control and improve the quality of the project, deal with the shortage of skilled workers, rising labor costs, and improve the influence of enterprises, we have been concerned about it. It is in this context, relying on technological innovation to seek solutions, the aluminium formwork technology came into being.

Through investigation and analysis, aluminum alloy formwork manufacturers found that architectural aluminium formwork has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life, high recovery value, large format, good molding quality, low installation skill requirements, high construction efficiency, and wide application range. Many advantages provide better choices for some problems faced in construction.

2. The history of the popular construction industry of aluminum alloy formwork

Aluminum alloy formwork is a very important thing in modern concrete structure construction engineering. It has already been used on a large scale in western developed countries. And because of its high technical innovation requirements for building formwork, the selected formwork is made of materials with good quality and durability, using industrialized assembly lines to produce complete sets of molds with high processing accuracy.

In recent years, it has become more and more widely used in China. In the 21st century, the former steel, wood and plastic formwork gradually showed various problems in the process of use. At this time, the appearance of aluminum alloy formwork undoubtedly provides an excellent solution for builders.

In recent years, in response to the call of the country's low-carbon and energy-saving, aluminum alloy formwork has been introduced into China's construction industry on a large scale, as an important part of the green building concept. In just a few years, aluminium formwork has been favored by builders with its many advantages, including Vanke, China Construction and other Chinese construction and real estate giants.

Among them, aluminum alloy formwork manufacturers are highly respected for aluminium formwork. Almost all of their high-rise buildings use aluminium formwork systems, and aluminium formwork systems are also widely used. This also demonstrates the high level of trust and approval regarding aluminium formwork systems. Due to its incomparable advantages, aluminum alloy formwork is rapidly popular in the international construction industry.