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The Reason Why You Should Start Using Climbing Form

1. What is the climbing form?

The climbing form is a special formwork for large vertical concrete structures. The climbing form is currently an effective solution for building seamless wall structures.

Depending on the type of building, there are several different climbing forms.

Some climbing forms can use hydraulic or electric jacks to move by themselves. Therefore, this type of form is also usually called "Climbing by itself formwork", or "self climbing formwork" for short. It can also be moved by crane and other equipment.

In addition to the self climbing formwork, there is also a construction slip and jump formwork, but it tends to move flexibly during the pouring process instead of periodically moving like the self climbing formwork. During the pouring process, the self climbing formwork can often remain in place. The slip and jump formwork picked up by the crane is usually used for buildings with five or more floors; And the self climbing formwork that is completely climbing by itself is usually used for buildings with more than 20 floors.

2. The benefits of using self climbing formwork

(1) Self climbing formwork usually does not require a crane to move them, which also reduces your general condition costs.

(2) Increase the construction speed by allowing the vertical and horizontal parts of the building to be constructed at the same time.

(3) The self climbing system minimizes labor time and has higher productivity (these systems are designed for repetitive actions) and require less manpower.

(4) Since the labor for installation and disassembly is less than that of traditional systems, safety is improved.

(5) The self climbing formwork can be used in almost all types of weather.

(6) Normally, the climbing form provides an area for scaffolding.

(7) Compared with the traditional system, the climbing form system is easy to clean and reuse, and generates very little waste.