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Treatment Requirements for the Substrate Before the Construction of Steel Formwork Paint | Process Flow of Electrophoretic Coating Technology

Ⅰ. Requirements for the treatment of the substrate before the construction of the steel formwork paint

The requirements for the substrate treatment before the construction of the steel formwork paint are as follows: no rust, no oil, clean, dry, with a certain roughness.

1. No rust: It is necessary to remove the floating rust, welding slag and other paints on the surface of the steel formwork. When removing the rust on the flat formwork, it is generally necessary to use an angle grinder and a steel ball to remove the rust according to the actual situation of the construction site. It only needs to be treated once. If the rust is serious, the number of treatments can be appropriately increased, but be careful not to treat the surface too smooth, which will affect the turnover of the template paint.

2. Oil-free: It is necessary to remove engine oil, salad oil or other oil stains on the surface of the steel formwork. For special-shaped formwork, the degreasing agent of the matching product can be used, or the detergent with strong detergency can be used. The cleaning tools are hard The floor brushes are divided into small floor brushes and horizontal floor brushes.

3. Cleaning: Before painting the stencil paint, it is necessary to keep the steel formwork clean. Some floating dust on the surface can be wiped off with a dry sponge. For the construction steel formwork, use a cotton cloth dipped in Tianna water (banana water) or turpentine water to wipe the surface, and use Dry with a dry cloth. Workers need to wear foot covers when painting, so as not to stain the steel formwork and affect the effect.

Ⅱ. The steel formwork electrophoretic coating technology process

1. The process flow of electrophoretic coating of steel formwork: degreasing, rust removal → water flushing → water washing → drying → electrophoretic painting → water flushing → drying → label spraying → packaging → delivery.

2. Description of the technological process:

(1) Degreasing and rust removal: The two-in-one method is adopted, that is, the one-step method of degreasing and rust removal, and the solution is prepared by our factory.

(2) Water flushing and water washing: the purpose is to remove the acid and alkali residues on the surface of the steel formwork. When washing, it is best to use regular running water.

(3) Electrophoretic painting: This is the purpose and core of the process. The current, voltage, solid content, pH value, electrophoresis temperature and speed in the electrophoresis tank and the correct use of additional equipment in the electrophoresis tank are the keys to determining the success or failure of electrophoresis painting.

(4) Drying: The steel formwork must be dried after electrophoresis painting. The working temperature of the drying box is 160-180℃, and the baking time is 30min.

(5) The main equipment required for electrophoretic coating: various water tanks, electrophoresis tanks, channel drying boxes, mechanical transmission systems, electrical control systems, paint liquid and paint film equipment, such as conductivity meters, adhesion testers, etc.

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