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What Are the Characteristics and Applications of Hollow Building Shuttering?

The hollow building shuttering production line is successfully developed by our factory by absorbing and digesting foreign advanced extrusion technology and independent invention and innovation. The thickness of the sheet can be 15-20mm, and the width of the sheet can be customized according to customer requirements. The surface of its products is smooth and clean. , The size error is small, and it has many advantages such as availability, planing, corrosion resistance, and strong flame retardancy. This unit is automatically fed into high-speed mixing, and then to the twin-screw extruder, discharged from the large plate mold structure for four-section shaping mold shaping, roller support cooling device, trimming device, tractor, automatic. It is composed of a cutting machine and roller conveyor.

Ⅰ. Compared with traditional formwork, hollow building shuttering has the following characteristics

1. Good water resistance. Even if it is completely immersed in water for many days, it will not be deformed by moisture. It will not rot and rust.

2. It is sticky, not compatible with cement, is accessible to demould after construction, and will not be deformed due to cement adhesion.

3. The construction efficiency is high, and the quality is good. The surface of the building constructed with it is smooth and flat, and no secondary modification is necessary.

4. The process is saved, and the construction efficiency is improved. At the same time, when the template is processed, the surface of the building shuttering can be pretreated to obtain the desired wall pattern.

5. Lightweight and convenient construction.

6. Long life and many times of repeated use. The finally damaged plastic template can still be crushed again and reprocessed into a new template, saving resources and meeting the "green industry" requirements.

7. Good thermal insulation is beneficial to shorten the construction period.

8. The method of adding wood can be used for various treatments, and welding can also be carried out, so secondary processing can be carried out flexibly on the construction site.

Ⅱ. Wide application of building shuttering

1. Transportation industry: ships, airplanes, passenger cars, train carriages, roofs, core carriages, interior decoration panels.

2. Construction and decoration industry: building exterior wall panels, interior decoration panels, residential buildings, offices, public spaces, building partitions, commercial decorative frames, clean room panels, ceiling panels, kitchenware, and sanitary ware.

3. Advertising industry: screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, exhibition boards, and signs.

4. Industrial applications: anti-corrosion projects in the chemical industry, thermoformed parts, plates for cold storage, special hard preservation projects, and plates for environmental protection.

5. Other uses: formwork, sports equipment, breeding materials, seaside moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials, various lightweight partitions.