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What Are the Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to in Bridge Formwork Design?

1. The design of bridge formwork

It is necessary to carefully study the design documents and drawings, understand the design intention, follow the principles of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, and safe applications, strengthen the design, processing and other supporting work of bridge formwork, and check the strength, stiffness and stability of the formwork according to the load combination. The contractor must prepare special calculation instructions and submit them to the supervision engineer for approval.

2. The processing of bridge formwork

Special personnel shall be assigned to supervise the whole process of formwork design and processing to ensure the processing accuracy and the assembly quality of finished product. The joints between the formworks shall be smooth and tight without leakage and faulting so as to ensure that the facade of the structure is beautiful and clean with straight and smooth lines.

3. The design structure of bridge formwork

For the formwork of bridge pier, tie beam, bent cap, the contractor shall adopt the assembled integral new steel formwork with the thickness of the panel not less than 6 mm, and ensure that the formwork has sufficient strength and rigidity.

According to the structural form of bridge formwork, flat steel formwork or combined steel formwork shall be used. In principle, large steel formwork shall be used for exposed surface of concrete bridge abutment. Small or non-standard formwork shall be arranged in the concealed position of bridge structure as far as possible so as to reduce the appearance defects of concrete bridge abutment caused by too many formwork joints and easy slurry leakage and faulting.

4. The bridge formwork shall meet the design requirements

The formwork of precast beam adopts integral new steel formwork, and the thickness of panel is not less than 6 mm. The formwork must be reasonably designed and processed by professional factories. At the same time, the contractor shall strengthen supervision to ensure that the structural strength, stiffness, material, flatness, finish, connector and dimensions of each part of the new steel formwork meet the design requirements.