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What is Scaffolding and Formwork

Formwork is a model for the molding of newly poured concrete. The formwork system is composed of formwork, supporting parts and fasteners. The mold for the molding of concrete structure or reinforced concrete structure consists of panel and supporting system (including keel, truss, small beam, etc., as well as vertical supporting structure), connecting accessories (including bolts, connecting buckles, connecting parts and supporting members between the formwork surface and the supporting members). It is required to ensure that the shape and size of the structure and components are accurate,  with sufficient strength, rigidity and know stability. It is required to be easy to install and dismantle, and it can be used many times, and the joints are tight without leakage. The formwork is divided into steel formwork, aluminum formwork, wood formwork and plastic plate according to the materials.

Scaffolding refers to all kinds of supports erected on the construction site for the operation of the workers and the solution of vertical and horizontal transportation. Scaffolding is used for construction to protect the safety of factory construction from the wall. Scaffolding is composed of steel pipes, fasteners and safety nets. It is a working platform set up to ensure the smooth construction process. According to the position of erection, it can be divided into external scaffolding and internal scaffolding. According to different materials, it can be divided into wood scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding and steel tube scaffolding. According to the structural form, it can be divided into pole scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, portal scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding and climbing scaffolding. You can also go to the construction site to find out that it belongs to the secondary component of the construction equipment.

Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd provides formwork and scaffolding. If you want to know more about scaffolding and formwork, you are welcome to get more information through our website.

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