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What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Installation of the Circular Column Formwork and the Erection of the Support Frame?

1. Installation and reinforcement of circular column formwork

The circular column formwork has a certain verticality and integrity, and the overall reinforcement of the circular column formwork is required. According to the order from bottom to top, the circular column shuttering is reinforced every 30cm or so. Three nails are nailed on one lateral perimeter reinforced by the circular column formwork, and the steel hoop is installed according to the position of the nails. During the installation process, the steel hoop must be kept horizontal. Therefore, two people are required to install the steel hoop, one of whom keeps the steel hoop horizontal, and the other One is responsible for tightening the nails and at the same time ensuring that the tightness of the nail reinforcement is consistent.

After all the steel hoops are installed, four 4*10 wooden squares are reinforced in the vertical direction around the circular column formwork to increase the stress area of the steel pipe and the formwork, protect the formwork from being damaged by the steel pipe, and increase the overall stability. Use steel pipes to erect well-shaped frames to adjust the verticality. A well-shaped frame of 1-1.5 meters is used. The higher the height of the column, the higher the density of the well-shaped frame. On the one hand, the well-shaped frame can adjust the verticality, and on the other hand, it can buffer the vibration pressure and play the role of secondary reinforcement.

Concrete can be poured after the supervisor confirms that the supporting formwork is installed properly. It can be poured at one time within a diameter of 1 meter and a height of 7 meters. If the diameter is too large or the height is too high, it is recommended to pour in sections, and the intermediate pouring interval is 20-30 minutes.

The high-quality building round formwork is based on birch poplar, and is formed by double-sided hot pressing. Personnel, come to guide the installation and construction, and the circular building formwork will be delivered with the construction plan of the cylindrical wood formwork formwork, which can provide video installation and construction tutorials.

2. The erection of circular column formwork support frame

The erection of the circular column formwork support frame must meet the requirements, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction. We should understand this when we wholesale the circular column formwork.

To be erected in strict accordance with the design size, the joints of the vertical pole and the horizontal pole should be staggered and set in different sash layers. The advantages of high-quality circular column formwork, with the continuous display of the advantages of wooden circular column formwork, such as light weight, fast installation, good water effect, and saving construction costs, cylindrical wood formwork is more and more popular and respected by builders.

It was only when people came to the market and were about to choose circular column formwork that they found that they were both made of wood, but the prices were quite different. The highest price difference for the same specification and color was ten times. The circular column formwork has a complete range of models from 250-4200mm, all of which are double-sided heating, one-time molding, and the glue is made of high-quality phenolic glue, which is evenly rolled layer by layer. The finished circular column formwork has a smooth and beautiful surface, and is durable up to 20 times.

For the production of circular column formwork, it is very important in terms of technology, because it determines the quality of the circular column formwork, and when we are constructing, the method is also very important.

During the construction of the circular column formwork, the formwork, its embedded parts, and reserved holes should meet the design and process requirements. The formwork and support members should be checked and accepted after entering the site, and can only be used after meeting the relevant standards.