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What Should We Know During the Installation Process of Common Building Formworks?

1. The building formwork storage site should be smooth solid. When the building formwork is laid flat, there must be a wooden square frame below. When placed in a vertical position, the building formwork should be padded on the ground to ensure that the building formwork is not twisted or deformed. Do not stack them randomly or stack scattered building formworks and accessories on the assembled building formworks.

2. The wall and column building formworks that have been installed on the working face are not allowed to collide when lifting other building formworks. It is not allowed to be used as temporary support before the pre-assembled building formwork is in place to prevent the deformation of the formwork or vertical deviation.To ensure the stability of the support and prevent the elevation and leveling of the plane construction formwork from deviation. he plane construction formwork that has been installed on the working face cannot be used as a temporary stacker and work platform 

3. When removing the wall construction formwork, first remove the diagonal brace, and then remove the horizontal backing. The crowbar is used to gently pry the formwork to separate the building formwork from the concrete. Do not use too much force, especially the yin and yang corners and the opening of the building formwork. So as not to deform the formwork.

4. When removing the floor building formwork, first remove the horizontal tie rods and then remove the vertical rods. When the beam building formwork is removed, the side form is removed first, and then the bottom form is removed. The concrete strength can ensure that its surface and corners are not damaged due to demolding when demolished. The concrete strength must meet the requirements when the building formwork is removed.

5. The square timbers should be stacked neatly and stacked according to specifications, with old square timbers underneath, and covered with plastic sheets on rainy days. Since the glued building formwork is swelled by moisture, the stacking ground should be dry, paving square wood, and covering it in time when it rains to prevent moisture.

6. Brushing the release agent should be carried out in the woodwork industry. It is strictly forbidden to paint after the shuttering in construction is installed to prevent contamination of the steel bars.

7. In order to ensure the accurate position of the structure, the body of beam formwork is straight, the column and beam component sideline control lines should be ejected on the concrete surface before the mold is supported. Therefore, the installation should be installed with a through-line and the supporting block should be placed.

8. In order to prevent the protective layer from being too large or too small, the protective layer pad should be padded. In order to ensure that the detailed dimensions and flatness of the structural objects meet the requirements, the building formwork should be checked according to the check line after the support is completed.

9. Before pouring, there should be a dedicated person to protect the mold to check the sturdiness of each fastener and the shear brace, mountain-shaped card, etc., to ensure that the problem is found at any time to solve the hidden danger.

10. After removing the mold, immediately wrap the corner protector and perform maintenance.