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Why Do Many People Choose Aluminum Alloy Formwork?

1. Why do so many people choose aluminum alloy formwork?

Aluminum alloy formwork has become the main building material, and now the urbanization construction is continuously carried out, and the construction tasks are constantly increasing. High-rise buildings have sprung up everywhere like mushrooms after a rain.

Some middle and high-rise buildings are actually mainly concrete-based construction methods, so in this case, building formwork is naturally indispensable, so when the construction team chooses, they will naturally choose the quality and cost of the project. There is a significantly improved aluminum alloy formwork.

Of course, due to the lack of skills or hidden dangers of some traditional equipment, the labor market has gradually withdrawn from the stage. The technology of aluminium formwork has made great progress and is widely used in the field of reinforced concrete building structures.

Although this technology has not been around for many years in China, it has been very developed and has been recognized by many regions. It is conceivable that such materials will definitely achieve greater breakthroughs, allowing more construction sites to be put into use, and the work can be completed ahead of time when they are used.

Many people are very worried that the cost of aluminum alloy formwork is relatively high, but such worry is unnecessary. Although the cost of such materials will be relatively high, it will be found in application that it can save a lot of costs. , For example, it can be used repeatedly, and it can also improve the efficiency of the operation and ensure the safety of the operators.

2. The reasons for the use of aluminum alloy formwork in construction projects

The advantages of aluminum alloy formwork are more and more recognized by more and more people. Aluminum alloy formwork can be recycled 150 times and is suitable for high-rise buildings to replace soft formwork. Why do construction projects choose aluminum alloy formwork?

The aluminum alloy formwork system has high rigidity and strong load-bearing capacity, which makes the quality of the building structure relatively stable. The building scale accuracy and the qualified rate of concrete forming with this system have exceeded the national standard. The innovative template planning simplifies the construction difficulty. The assembly and disassembly of the formwork and components are simple and convenient, which improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

The turnover rate of the aluminum alloy building formwork system can reach 300 times. Compared with the traditional wood formwork system, the use of the aluminum alloy formwork system and the construction ratio of 100 times of turnover can reduce the amount of man-hours and save costs. And significantly reduce the use of river sand, wood, cement and other building materials and the occurrence of construction waste, which has the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

The economical aluminum alloy formwork system simplifies the construction difficulty, improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost. In addition, the concrete molding pass rate of the system is high, the construction effect is obvious, and then the thickness of the decoration plastering layer is reduced. Compared with the traditional building formwork system, it has obvious economic benefits. Therefore, many construction projects are now using aluminum alloy formwork.