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Advantages and Characteristics of New Hollow Plastic Formwork

In recent years, a new type of plastic building formwork, hollow plastic building formwork, has emerged in China. Its appearance has injected a fresh blood into the construction industry and is favored by many people. Its advantages: low cost allocation and environmental protection will make it fully utilized in the domestic market in the future construction industry. The hollow plastic formwork will drive the renewal of the construction industry and make the construction industry rejuvenate again.

What are the advantages of the new plastic formwork that make it stand out in the building materials market? The advantages are as follows:

1. The expansion coefficient of the hollow plastic shuttering panels is small, and the change rate is less than 0.1% at a high temperature of 80 °C. The dimensional structure is stable and wear-resistant.

2. Under the influence of wind, sun and rain, the hollow plastic building formwork still maintains its original appearance.

The new hollow plastic building formwork does not need to worry about storage problems. Hollow plastic building formwork has unique advantages. The hollow plastic building formwork does not absorb water, and the quality is still the same when placed in the sun for a period of time. From this aspect alone, hollow plastic building formwork is indeed superior to wood formwork.

3. The hollow plastic formwork is easy to process. According to the actual needs of the site, it can be processed into any shape to meet the needs of on-site construction.

4. When it comes to hollow plastic building formwork, the biggest advantage is its turnover. The turnover of hollow plastic building formwork is about 50 times. The turnover of about 50 times far exceeds the turnover of wood formwork. Consumers who have used wooden formwork know more about the number of times the wooden formwork has been used. The turnover of wooden formwork is within 5 times, and the turnover of wooden formwork with good material is basically within 10 times. Although the unit price of hollow plastic building formwork with high turnover is higher than that of formwork, it is used more frequently. In the case of many times of use, the allocated cost of the hollow plastic building formwork can be reduced.

More importantly, as a production enterprise, we have a hollow plastic formwork recycling mechanism, which is responsible for recycling hollow plastic building formwork. In this regard, hollow boards are also superior to wooden formwork. If the wooden formwork is scrapped, to deal with this batch of scrapped wooden formwork, it is necessary to let the on-site personnel to deal with it, which will increase the cost of the user unit.

With the expertise of our R&D team, our technical team members are there to assist you when necessary, and knowing that our solutions are always cost-effective, you can be confident that from the first contact to the completion of construction, we will always be there to support you. If necessary, welcome to consult.