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Advantages and Material Selection of Plastic Shuttering Panels

1. Advantages of plastic formwork

(1) Environmental protection advantages

The high polymer energy-saving formwork can realize environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving and circular development, and can be recycled for many times. The traditional wooden template will break after using it for about 5 times, while the plastic formwork can be recycled for about 50 times.

(2) Cost advantages

From the long-term comprehensive cost, the cost of shuttering ply is lower than that of traditional formwork. The recycling rate of plastic formwork is more than 5 times that of wood formwork, and the comprehensive cost is only 1 / 3 of that of wood formwork. The plastic formwork can be used many times, and the materials can be recycled to save resources and reduce costs.

(3) Installation advantages

The unit weight of plastic is light and can be applied to a variety of processes. Formwork of different shapes can be manufactured according to the design component size. The plastic shuttering panels can be sawed, drilled and sticked without affecting its normal function. It can also be made into various geometric shapes to meet the formwork support requirements of building components of various shapes.

The plastic formwork is light in weight. During various construction, it has low labor intensity, convenient and safe handling, which can save manpower and improve construction efficiency. In addition, the plastic formwork can also be used together with other materials, which is very convenient for construction.

(4) Demoulding advantages

During demoulding, no release agent is required, the concrete will not stick to the formwork. As the surface of the plastic formwork is relatively smooth and the formwork splicing is relatively flat, the concrete surface after demoulding is very flat and smooth, so there is no need for secondary plastering, this can save materials and time. The plastic formwork does not absorb water, which is conducive to the later maintenance of concrete.

(5) Strong stability and high mechanical advantages

The plastic formwork will not deform and change its properties between 20 ~ 60 ℃. Plastic formwork also has good rigidity and hardness and strong water resistance.

In order to give full play to the advantages of plastic formwork, we should not only pay attention to the selection of formwork materials and fastening materials, but also strengthen the construction quality. Only in this way can the plastic formwork stand out among all kinds of formwork.

2. Material selection of plastic formwork

(1) Formwork material

The plastic formwork material should select 15mm formwork, special beam bottom formwork for plastic formwork, special internal and external corners for column wall, special adjustment formwork for column wall, and the strap of the formwork should select 50mm×100mm standard plastic brace and special supporting fixture for plastic formwork.

(2) Fastening material

The fastening material adopts 12 split screws, of which the split screw with water stop ring is used for waterproof concrete, and the split screw with PVC sleeve is used for aboveground shear wall and frame beam.