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Application, Deformation Causes and Solutions of Aluminium Formwork

Ⅰ. Which projects are aluminium formwork suitable for?

The construction of the aluminium formwork system is convenient and simple, and it is suitable for a variety of building structures, such as walls, floors, columns, stairs, floating platforms, etc. In terms of technology, economy and efficiency, aluminium formwork has great advantages in building construction.

aluminium formwork is suitable for construction projects with high floors and similar apartment types, such as projects with more than 30 floors, multi-type villas, and multiple engineering buildings of the same apartment type. However, in some parts with complex structures, it is not recommended to use the aluminium formwork system. The structure of the basement is a bit messy, and the plan requires more special-shaped slabs than standard layers, which leads to increased costs and waste of materials.

At the same time, for the basement, adding more supports and fasteners and opening more holes is not suitable for the building structure. The underground garage is also a non-standard layer structure. The aluminium formwork reduces the overall cost due to its high number of repeated use. However, the design formwork of the underground garage cannot be fully used, which wastes the profiles and increases the cost.

Ⅱ. Deformation causes and solutions of aluminum alloy formwork

When industrial aluminum profiles are used, the shape defects of the profiles will be formed due to fluctuations, twisting, and bending due to uneven metal movement.

main reason:

1. The unreasonable planning of the working belt of the aluminum extrusion mold leads to uneven metal movement;

2. The aluminum profile is kneaded too fast or the kneading temperature is too high, resulting in uneven metal movement;

3. The unreasonable layout of the mold holes of the aluminum alloy grid results in uneven metal movement;

4. The guide is not suitable or the guide is not installed;

5. Lubrication is not suitable.


1. Trim the working belt of the aluminum extrusion die to make the metal move evenly;

2. Select a reasonable kneading process, and try to use low temperature kneading under the premise of ensuring the outlet temperature;

3. Reasonably plan the structure of aluminum extrusion mold;

4. Equipped with suitable guides;

5. Reasonable lubrication;

6. Use aluminum kneading tractor to pull and knead.

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