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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd


Exhibition Name: EXPO CIHAC
Launch time: October 15 to October 19
Exhibitor: Technical Engineer and Project Manager responsible for this business

Business background:
With the city’s renewal and people’s growing demand for the construction industry, as well as the automotive industry and the real estate industry have reached a peak, a large number of stock room renovation and maintenance will usher in a new phase of functional, safety, aesthetic and other aspects of upgrading, Urban renewal will usher in a major opportunity for transformation and development. Urban architecture is the science of studying the design and design of a city’s architectural design and its architecture. Today, urban architecture design pays attention to the external space of the city while paying attention to the interior space of the building. By the end of 2016, the existing urban construction area of the country has reached 50 billion square meters. Among them, the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings and old communities has broad market prospects. At the same time, with the construction of the city, a large number of shared office and the rise of long-rent apartment projects have become an opportunity for the development of the post-real estate era. We talk about the transformation of commercial buildings, the transformation of community real estate as a key project, and make due for urban renewal. Congratulations, build a one-stop design, consulting, maintenance platform.

Many advantages of the exhibition:
1 Synchronous exhibitions will play a synergistic effect and enhance brand value.
2 With the theme of urban renewal, it is closely following the transformation and upgrading trend of the property industry in the post-real estate era.
3 Target audiences will help you to contact real estate developers, investors, property management units, owners, construction contractors, architectural design institutes, system integrators of building renovation consulting companies, contractors and building materials builders.

Main exhibits:
1. TECON Steel Frame Wall Formork
2. TECON Plastic Formwork
3. TECON Aluflex Formwork


Integrate energy-saving renovation of existing buildings through construction, equipment and energy integration technologies; integrate design, financing, transformation and operation management services, and implement contract energy management.
In the eco-city and green building areas, we provide system-integrated services and special technical services with comprehensive processes, including international and domestic green building and health building certification consulting, green eco-city planning and whole-process construction management.
It also increases the visibility of the TECON brand, attracts more potential customers, and strengthens the relationship with customers and maintains relationships with customers.