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Five Advantages of Circular Column Formwork Make Formwork Easier!

Now on building construction sites, the use of circular column formwork for concrete column pouring can be seen everywhere. Using the new circular column formwork to make concrete cast-in-situ columns is simple and fast, and the efficiency is more than double that of traditional steel formwork. Why is the installation speed of the formwork so fast? The main reasons are as follows:

1. The circular column formwork wooden formwork is light in weight

The circular column shuttering is made of 50% poplar and 50% birch, which has good flexibility and high strength, but the quality is only one-tenth of the same type of steel formwork, which can be easily lifted by two carpenters. To move, considering the quality problem, the wooden circular column formwork is divided into four pieces with a diameter greater than 1500mm at the beginning of the design, which greatly disperses the overall quality and is very beneficial for the installation of large-diameter formwork.

2. The circular column formwork can be cut arbitrarily on the construction site

The wood material can be arbitrarily cut and processed, which provides convenience for node installation and reinforcement. Other materials such as steel formwork cannot be processed by secondary cutting, and can only be customized by the manufacturer, and the cycle of customization is long, which adds time to the installation work. Therefore, the cutability of the wooden column formwork improves the installation efficiency of the formwork.

3. Special reinforcement steel belt for circular column formwork

The circular column formwork manufacturer is specially equipped with the same type of steel strip for each type of formwork. The galvanized design prevents rust. Workers can operate with simple installation tools such as wrenches. The configuration and assembly of the steel strips provide reliable support for formwork installation. guarantee.

4. Some concave and convex groove design of circular column formwork

The concave-convex groove design can effectively prevent slurry leakage, reduce unnecessary joint treatment work, reduce the installation and support workload, and have a good demoulding effect.

5. The format of the cylindrical template is large

The regular size of the circular column formwork is three meters high, which is more than twice the height of other formwork of the same type.

To sum up, the five advantages of circular column formwork contribute to faster formwork installation and shorter construction period.

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