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Five Precautions for Installing Building Formwork

In addition to the quality of the building shuttering, the number of times the building formwork can be reused is also related to whether the installation of the building shuttering is correct. We will introduce the five precautions for the installation of the building formwork.

I. The interior of the building formwork shall be cleaned

Debris left in the building shuttering will cause defects such as slag inclusion in the concrete. In order to remove the leftovers in the building formwork, a cleaning opening should be reserved.

When supporting building shuttering, requirements for embedded parts and reserved holes should be: the reserved holes and embedded holes on the building formwork shall be reserved and fixed at the same time, no residue, the size should meet the requirements, and the installation is firm and the deviation meets the acceptance specification.

III. Building shuttering shall be painted with isolating agent

When painting, select the oily isolating agent that does not affect the structure and hinder the construction of decoration works. At the same time, because the spacer pollutes the reinforcement and concrete construction joints, it may have an obvious adverse impact on the mechanical performance of the concrete structure. Therefore, it should be avoided to pollute the reinforcement during painting.

Ⅲ. Precautions for the building formwork with multi-layer cast-in-place structures

For multi-storey cast-in-situ structure, the superstructure building formwork and support must be supported on the lower floor slab. At this time, three points should be noted:

1. The lower floor slab shall have sufficient bearing capacity, and supports shall be added if necessary;

2. The columns of the upper and lower supports shall be basically aligned;

3. The base plate shall be laid under the column of the support. During construction, in addition to the floor, the requirements for laying base plates are also applicable to the building formwork columns installed on the ground.

Ⅳ. There shall be no mortar leakage at the joint of building shuttering: 

The mortar leakage of building formwork will cause honeycomb pitting surface of concrete appearance, which can directly affect the quality of concrete. Therefore, no matter what kind of material is used to produce the building shuttering, its joints shall be tight without slurry leakage.

When wood building formwork is used, the joint of wood building shuttering should not be too tight due to the expansion and contraction of wood absorption. After installation, water should be moistened to close the joint of wood board. When watering, it is appropriate to be wet, and there should be no ponding in the building formwork.

The above is the introduction of the five precautions for the installation of building shuttering. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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