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Hazardous Sources and Preventive Measures for Bridge Formwork

1. Identification of major hazard sources in bridge formwork

The bridge formwork project mainly has 3 dangerous sources that may cause personal injury and property loss:

(1) The formwork collapsed;

(2) Object strike;

(3) Falling from high places.

2. Evaluation of major hazard sources of bridge formwork

(1) The formwork collapsed

The collapse of the bridge formwork caused by infirm assembly or unstable foundation causes injury or loss to persons or machinery.

(2) Object strike

Workers under the bridge formwork suffered personal injury caused by falling objects above the bridge formwork.

(3) Falling from high places

Workers above the bridge formwork fall from a height due to improper safety measures (such as not wearing a seat belt) or incomplete safety measures at the edge.

3. Preventive measures for major hazard sources of bridge formwork

(1) "Two controls" shall be adopted for major hazards, namely early control and construction process control. Early control: Before the start of the project, when the construction organization design or special construction plan is prepared, prevention and control measures should be formulated for various hazards of the project.

During the construction process, strictly follow the various operating regulations and special safety construction plans for construction, supervision and inspection, and earnestly implement rectification.

(2) Strengthen the comprehensive management of the safety production of bridge formwork, earnestly implement the safety production responsibility system at all levels, establish and improve various management systems, and prevent all man-made accidents, strengthen safety education for team members, improve the quality of operators and their self-protection awareness of safe production.

Strengthen the awareness of safety responsibility of management personnel at all levels and strengthen the training about safety professional knowledge. Strictly strengthen the prevention and management of various hazards, and implement corresponding preventive and control measures for the identified hazards based on the characteristics of the project.

(3) Effectively strengthen the implementation of the safety disclosure work. The disclosure must be carried out during the construction operation, and any project is not allowed to perform construction operations before the disclosure. The disclosure work is generally carried out in the project department of the construction site.

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