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How to Choose Concrete Formwork

1. The structure type of form formwork

The form formwork in the concrete structure is used as a mold for the structure where the newly poured concrete is only subsequently poured to harden. The type of concrete formwork structure depends on the type of formwork material and structural elements. The form formwork can also be named according to the type of structural member structure, such as plywood formwork for slab and beam formwork, and column formwork for beams and columns.

The construction of the formwork takes time and costs as much as 20% to 25% or more of the structural cost. These temporary structures are designed for economic expenditure. The operation of removing the formwork is called peeling. The peeled formwork can be reused. The reusable form is called the panel form, and the unusable form is called the static form.

2. Good concrete formwork should meet the following requirements:

It should be strong enough to withstand all types of dead and live loads. It should be rigidly constructed and effectively supported and braced horizontally and vertically in order to maintain its shape. Joints in concrete formwork shall be tight to prevent leakage of cement slurry.

The construction of concrete formwork systems should allow the various components to be removed in the required order without damaging the concrete. The material of the formwork should be cheap, easily available and suitable for repeated use. The formwork should be precisely set to the desired line, and the level should have a flat surface.

The concrete formwork should be as light as possible. The material of the formwork should not be warped or deformed when exposed. It should build a solid foundation.

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