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How to Extend the Service Life of Plastic Construction Formworks?

For plastic construction formworks, proper maintenance and correct use can not only extend the life span, but also reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles for the construction project. Therefore, how can we extend the service life of building formworks? These points must be taken seriously!

1. The plastic construction formwork should avoid strong impact during transportation

Plastic construction formwork will not cause severe deformation of the product due to natural environmental reasons such as sun and rain, but we must avoid strong impacts on the corners of the plastic formwork during the process of loading and unloading/transporting the formwork, which may result in deformation.

2. The plastic construction formwork should be placed neatly after unloading to prevent product deformation

After unloading, the plastic construction formwork should be neatly stacked on the flat ground. It should be noted that the surface of formwork and the ground should not be in direct contact, and the wood beam should be used to separate them layer by layer.

Some of our customers worry that the plastic formwork will be easily aging in the sun and rain, so they deliberately put a layer of waterproof cloth on the surface of the plastic construction formwork, which is not necessary. The plastic construction formwork is produced with brand new materials, and some auxiliary heat stabilizers, UV absorbers, pigments, etc. is added, so it has very good aging resistance.

When the used formworks are transported and reused for the second time, they should be packaged and bundled to avoid losses and accidents caused by slipping.

3. Matters needing attention when cutting, sawing, and nailing plastic construction formworks

When using a building formwork for the first time, if the formwork needs to be cut, you can use an alloy saw blade with more than 100 teeth and a sawing machine with track; if you need a building formwork of different shapes and sizes, you can also use a portable electric saw for cutting; In addition, when nailing or punching holes in the plastic construction formwork, a wood beam must be placed under the formwork to prevent split marks on the back of the formwork due to suspension.

When we are nailing the plastic construction formwork, the distance from the edge of the formwork should be 15 to 30mm, and the strength we use to nail should be moderate. The length of the nail is generally 40 to 50mm, which should not be too long or too short.

4. The service life of the plastic construction formwork is related to the quality of the formwork itself and whether the operation is standardized

(1) 80% of the damage to the building formwork occurred in the process of formwork removal! The plastic construction formwork is easy to dismantle. With no release agent needed, the formwork can fall off by tapping on the formwork. But you must grasp the time of formwork removal, and do not hit or pry it hard. In addition, take buffering measures for the formwork to fall to avoid landing on one foot! Do not stack the disassembled formworks in a centralized manner, but clean them up in time.

(2) Try to purchase high-quality building formworks. Poor plastic formworks are prone to brittle corners. In addition, thermal expansion and contraction can cause arching during the construction process.

(3) Find a skilled captain to lead the team, set a good attrition rate, reward if the attrition is within a reasonable range, and bear the excess of the attrition! Let the team leader supervise the use of the formwork, so that the plastic construction formwork can be used more reasonably.

(4) A good formwork maker can match the formworks reasonably and well. Place large formworks on the wall, use small formworks for beams and columns, and leftover materials for stairs. Make the best use of everything, which can reduce unnecessary waste.

(5) Whether the material staff is dedicated and responsible is also very important. If there is no waste on the construction site, the materials are recycled and piled in time, and properly stored, and the materials are distributed in an orderly manner, the number of reuse of plastic construction formworks will be increased.