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Method of Stripping Aluminium Formwork

1. Before stripping aluminium formwork, The general contractor should sign on the approval form for early dismantling of aluminum formwork.
2. Dismantle the hanging formwork and all the iron boxes, such as feed hole, setting hole,floss hole, dismantle the cover panel of upper floating platform.
The hanging formwork and iron boxes are setting in the concrete, so we suggest to dismantle it timely. When the concrete is not completely solid.
After pouring, the upper floating platform cover plate should be removed preferentially to avoid the difficulty of dismantling due to the complete solidification of concrete;
3. Dismantle the reinforcement system
The reinforcement system should be removed after the concrete is poured and solidified in the following order: Starting plate back edge,panel strut, waling.
4. Standard dismantle method
Dismantle the iron accessories – dismantle the wall panel – dismantle the beam panel – dismantle the slab panel

Before dismantling wall panel, the concrete filled in the bottom corner of wall panel should be removed first, otherwise wall panels are difficult to dismantle and easy to be deformed.

Method of Stripping Aluminium Formwork

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