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Process Principle and Practicability of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

Ⅰ. The process principle of aluminum alloy template

1. Technological process: measuring and laying out lines → binding of steel bars on walls and columns → reserved pre-embedding → acceptance of shade works → aluminum alloy formwork device for walls → device for beam plate aluminium formwork → aluminum alloy formwork correction and reinforcement → beam plate steel bar binding → reserved pre-installation Burial → Shading project acceptance → Concrete pouring and maintenance → aluminium formwork removal → Aluminum alloy formwork reverse transport.

2. The process of aluminum alloy formwork: The aluminium formwork system is based on the engineering construction and structural construction drawings, and is customized by stereotyped planning and industrial processing to complete the required standard size, aluminium formwork structural parts and non-standard components used in practical engineering.

First, complete the pre-assembly in the factory according to the aluminium formwork planning drawings, and after meeting the engineering requirements, make corresponding symbols for the division and sub-unit classification of all formwork components. The aluminum alloy formwork material is transported to the site, and the installation is separated according to the formwork number "seat by number". After the installation is in place, the verticality of the formwork is adjusted by the adjustable inclined support, and the horizontal elevation of the formwork is adjusted by the vertical adjustable support; the rigidity and overall stability of the formwork system are ensured by the use of through-the-wall pull screws and back corrugations.

After the strength of the concrete reaches the strength of demoulding, the vertical support is preserved, and the wall formwork, beam side formwork and floor formwork are removed in sequence, and the next floor is swiftly constructed.

Ⅱ. The strong practicality of aluminium formwork

Aluminum alloy formwork used in construction projects has a great influence. It can be designed according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structures and components can be formed according to the specified position and geometry, keep their correct position, and bear the self-weight and external loads of the building aluminum panels. Also, we should understand template branching. The structure and use of the support system should also understand its storage conditions.

aluminium formwork manufacturers have been widely used in the construction industry, but each formwork has different effects on different materials. aluminium formwork manufacturers have many different categories in many forms, such as aluminium formwork, concrete formwork, gypsum formwork, etc. Various types of formwork appear in our lives. However, among these different types of formwork, there is one type of wood panel that is commonly used, namely architectural aluminum panels.

When the aluminium formwork is stored, the required self-stabilizing angle of this area should be satisfied. The two aluminum plate formwork should adopt the plate surface storage method. If the aluminium formwork is stored for a long time, then the architectural aluminium formwork needs to be changed into a whole. Its purpose is to avoid later deformation of the formwork support system, but it should be usable if it is stored at the construction level.