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Selection Requirements for Building Formwork

What is building formwork?

Building formwork is a temporary support structure made according to design requirements, which enables concrete structures and components to be formed in the prescribed positions and geometrical dimensions, to maintain their correct positions and bear the self-weight of the building formwork and external loads acting on it. The purpose of formwork engineering is to ensure concrete engineering quality and construction safety, accelerate construction progress, and reduce project costs.

Building formwork, including different types of formwork in building construction, is a shell and bracket formed by pouring concrete, which can be divided into building formwork, building wood plywood, film-covered board, multi-layer board, double-sided adhesive, double-sided film-covered building formwork and so on according to the nature of materials. Building formworks can be divided into cast-in-place concrete formworks, pre-assembled formworks, large formworks, and climbing formworks according to construction process conditions.

Correct selection of building formwork

In the construction industry, every small difference may lead to the failure of the entire project. Building formwork is also an important component. The correct method for selecting building formworks is as follows:

  • Medium-sized combined building formworks are suitable for the construction of beam-column structures in houses because of the many changes in beam and column sections, which are not suitable for cutting with multi-layer boards.

  • Medium-sized combined building formworks can be used for wall molds. Since the same type of high-rise building complex generally requires uniformity, medium-sized combined building formworks can help ensure higher turnover rate.

  • "Hydraulic climbing formwork" is suitable for the construction of the core cylinder of super-tall or high-rise buildings. The climbing process combines the advantages of large formworks and sliding formworks. It can rise layer by layer with the structural construction, with fast construction speed, saves site and crane hoisting time, and has high-altitude operation safety. It does not build an external scaffold, and is particularly suitable for the construction of concrete inner cylinders of steel structures.

  • For the building formwork of the floor slab, it is recommended to use the whole sheet of multi-layer board, preferably a 15-18mm thick multi-layer building formwork covered with phenolic surface. After multiple uses, the edges of this building formwork are damaged and need to be cut in time to ensure the edges of the multi-layer board are flat.

With the professional knowledge of our R&D team, technical team members from our formwork company can provide on-site assistance when necessary, and our solutions always have cost-effectiveness. You can rest assured that we are always there to support you from the first contact to the completion of construction. Feel free to contact us.