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Teach You How to Distinguish the Quality of Hollow Plastic Shuttering Panels

In the process of sustained economic development, the degree of urbanization has continued to deepen. The urbanization process has accelerated, which has effectively promoted the development of China's construction engineering industry. Due to the changes in the building structure and the overall building form, certain difficulties have been brought to the construction of the project's main body.

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of hollow plastic formwork, various hollow plastic formwork companies have sprung up. The products they produce are also diverse with daunting quality. So, as a green hand who is get to hollow plastic formwork for the first time, how to determine the quality of a hollow plastic formwork? Next, we will explain some intuitive methods for considering the quality of templates.

Ⅰ. Look at the strength of the hollow plastic shuttering panels

In many promotional contents, a series of inspection report data will be listed. Still, these data do not make people believe the true compressive strength and toughness of the hollow plastic formwork. We can try to hit the template with a hammer, etc., or press the template with a forklift or trailer. In order to further check its strength, more reliable data must be obtained through this method: when is it used? How to evaluate its power?

This is very easy. Under the same construction conditions as the wooden formwork, the hollow plastic formwork is used for the cast-in-situ concrete test. The actual forming effect is finally achieved, which can intuitively prove the strength of the formwork. Whether the wall has a wavy shape and whether it is smooth and clean is the most direct proof of the power of the hollow plastic formwork.

Ⅱ. Check if the hollow plastic shuttering panels deform at different temperatures

As we all know, the natural environment of construction sites is very complex and uncontrollable. The weather factor is one of the important factors that interfere with the natural environment of the construction site.

The template itself is also greatly disturbed by the weather. A good product is a general product that can adapt to various environmental conditions, and a good hollow plastic shuttering panel is actually the same.

According to the researches of various hollow plastic shuttering panels on the market, we also had discussions with workers on the construction site. It is learned that many plastic templates are deformed under high temperature and unused conditions, which seriously affects the quality of construction. And high temperature deformed plastic templates are also difficult to meet the requirements of building construction. Therefore, whether it is deformed under high temperature (deformation will interfere with the structure of the building) is also one of the factors in evaluating the quality of hollow plastic formwork.

You can try to test hollow plastic shuttering panels with boiling water or freeze it in the refrigerator to see if the template is deformed.