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The Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Formwork System (Ⅱ)

1.The construction period is short.The aluminum alloy formwork system is a quick dismantling formwork system. A set of formwork can reach one floor in four or five days under normal construction, which greatly saves the management cost of the contractor;

2. The repeated use times are more and the average use cost is low. Aluminum formwork system of aluminum alloy building uses aluminum alloy profile formed by overall extrusion as raw material (6063-T6 or 6061-T6), and a set of formwork can be used for more than 300-500 times, with low average use cost;

3.Convenient and efficient. Aluminium formwork system is simple and convenient, with an average weight of 35kg/m. It is completely assembled by hand without the assistance of any mechanical equipment (workers only need a wrench or a small hammer, which is convenient and fast). Skilled installation workers can install 20-30 square meters per day (compared with wood mold: aluminum mold installation workers only need 70-80% of wood formwork installation workers, and does not need skilled workers. It only needs simple training for construction personnel before installation);

4. It has good stability and high bearing capacity. All parts of the system are assembled with aluminum alloy plates. After the system is assembled, it forms an overall frame with good stability. The bearing capacity can reach 60KN per square meter;

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