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The Benefits and Precautions of Using Round Column Formwork for Construction

Now the construction industry likes to use round column formwork, because round column formwork is not only very convenient to use, it can be recycled, save costs and materials, and the price is also lower than other types of formwork systems in general, it can be said to be of high quality and low price, then use round column formwork What are the benefits of formwork during construction?

The existence of the column formwork itself is for the use of some cylindrical buildings. With the improvement of living standards in modern society, modern buildings not only have practical functions, but also the artistry of buildings is more and more people's attention, and Columns are necessary for most artistic buildings, so when most buildings are modernized, they need to use column formwork.

The effect of using circular column shuttering is better than that of ordinary square formwork. Usually round column formwork is dense and does not require too many steps. When using it, it can usually be used directly, saving a part of the construction time. Necessary for most buildings.

Ⅰ. The advantages of using round column formwork for construction

1. First of all, the production of round column formwork is made by high temperature and high pressure. The round column formwork has high strength and good toughness, and its static bending strength is more than twice that of wood.

2. It consists of a panel and a support system. The panel is the part that shapes the concrete; the support system is the structural part that stabilizes the panel position and bears the upper load. The quality of the round column formwork is related to the quality of the concrete project. The key lies in the accurate size, firm assembly, tight joints, and convenient assembly and disassembly.

3. The surface of the cylindrical template adopts imported coated paper. Has high smoothness, smoothness and easy mold release. The concrete surface is smooth. The plastering operation can be cancelled and the construction period can be shortened. It is light in weight, convenient in sawing, easy in nailing, good in construction performance, can make various special-shaped boards, and has high construction efficiency.

4. The surface of the board is flat and smooth, which can be sawed, drilled, and resistant to low temperature, which is beneficial to construction in winter.

5. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to operate, and the project progresses quickly; it can be made into a curved plane formwork, which is suitable for top formwork, wall formwork, beam-column formwork, balcony formwork, and super-bright surface clear-water concrete formwork construction for high-rise buildings.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the construction of round column formwork

1. Personnel entering the round column formwork construction site must wear safety helmets, and safety belts must be fastened when working at heights.

2. The round column formwork should cooperate with each other and work together when removing the formwork, and do not throw the tool when passing it.

3. The support of the round column formwork should be completed, the materials are clean, and the site is clear, and the materials are required to be placed neatly.

4. The transfer of round column formwork shall be directed by a special person, and shall not operate illegally.

5. Do a good job in environmental protection education for employees before entering the site to improve employees' awareness of environmental protection.

6. Strengthen management and reduce noise during the construction of round column formwork.