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The Future Development of Hollow Plastic Building Formwork Industry

Many people know that a new favorite has emerged in the construction industry in recent years, that is, plastic building formwork. It has the incomparable advantages of traditional building templates, especially its green environmental protection performance, and some old-fashioned building templates are far from being comparable.

1. Production of hollow plastic building shuttering

Plastic building formwork is a composite material extruded at a high temperature of 200 ℃ on the basis of digesting and absorbing European advanced equipment manufacturing technology and high processing experience.

The new hollow plastic template adopts imported polypropylene resin as the base material, adopts an exclusive formula, and adds chemical additives such as toughening, strengthening, weather resistance, flame retardant, etc., with high strength and less deformation, suitable for use in various conditions.

The hollow plastic formwork modifies the conventional PP material by applying polymer nanotechnology, and creates an original "nano polymer additive". The additive can improve the hardness of the formwork while ensuring the toughness, improve the flexural modulus of the formwork as a whole, and improve the conventional plastic construction. The disadvantages of the template, the deformation rate of the template is perfectly controlled within 2mm, and the diagonal line is controlled within 0.5mm, which better meets the construction needs and sets a benchmark for similar products.

2. Advantages of hollow plastic building shuttering

The new hollow plastic building formwork is a new type of building product that is different from steel, wood, aluminum alloy and other building forms. It has advantages that other forms do not have. No need to paint release agent, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs, and excellent chemical properties.

The hollow plastic building formwork has the advantages of no moisture absorption, no mildew, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, no cracking, large plate width, less joints, easy demoulding, and can be processed into any length.

High-quality decoration requires not only high-quality decoration materials, but also plastic templates as accessories. Good building materials and accessories can improve the quality of the entire home improvement effect.

At present, the types of plastic building templates on the market are increasing, and the technology is constantly improving and innovating. There are disadvantages in traditional building templates, and the market is in urgent need of leading brands. The emergence of hollow plastic building templates undoubtedly fills this vacancy.

Compared with traditional wood formwork, hollow plastic formwork has great advantages. Although the current market penetration rate is not high, as China promotes green building and green construction, it studies the aspects of "replacing wood with plastic and steel with plastic" for building formwork. As well as the performance advantages of its own products and the reliability of follow-up services, I believe that it will definitely open up a broader market in the near future.