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The Use of Bridge Formwork Can Reduce the Waste of Wooden Formwork

The use of bridge formwork can not only reduce the waste of resources caused by wooden formwork, but also significantly reduce the pore water pressure and air bubbles that are usually caused by traditional formwork such as wood, plywood or steel plate, which is very environmentally friendly.

1. Advantages of bridge formwork

With its low price and reliable performance, steel formwork has become one of the most used materials in the world. It is an indispensable component in the construction industry, manufacturing industry and people's daily life. It can also be said to be the foundation of modern social construction.

After the concrete is poured into the bridge formwork structure, an ideal rough interface will be formed, and no rough grinding operation is required, and the construction can be carried out in the following process.

The structure of China's iron and steel products has been further optimized, the quality of products has been continuously improved, the self-sufficiency rate of most varieties has reached 100%, the physical quality of some steel products has reached or approached the advanced physical quality level of foreign countries, and the development of key steel varieties required by the national economy has also made great progress.

High-strength construction steel formwork, high-performance pipeline steel, large-scale hydropower station steel, high-magnetic-inductance oriented silicon steel, high-speed railway rails and other high-performance steel materials produced by the steel industry strongly support the development of related fields.

2. Application of bridge formwork

Bridge steel formwork is widely used in construction projects. It is a temporary support structure. It needs to be made according to design requirements, so that the concrete structure and components can be formed according to the specified position and geometric size, maintain their correct position, and bear the weight of the building formwork. and external loads acting on it.

As China's timber resources are very poor, under the promotion of the policy of "replacing wood with steel", the advanced construction technology of bridge shuttering has been successfully developed, the concrete formwork construction process has been reformed, and a large amount of wood has been saved.

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