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What is Aluminum Alloy Formwork and its Technical Characteristics?

Ⅰ. What is aluminium formwork?

Aluminum alloy formwork is composed of aluminum profile or aluminum sheet support system, fastening system and accessory system. The formwork system forms the sealing surface required by the concrete structure construction to ensure the building structure forming during the concrete pouring; the accessory system is the connecting component of the formwork, which makes the single formwork connected into a system and form a whole; the supporting system plays a supporting role in the concrete structure construction process, ensuring the stable support of the floor, beam bottom and cantilever structure; the fastening system is the key to ensure structure, width and size of the forming of the formwork. It does not deform in the process of pouring concrete, and the formwork does not expand and explode.

Ⅱ. Technical characteristics of aluminium formwork

The important features of aluminium formwork technology are that they can easily achieve the following major functions:

1. One-time pouring. The aluminum alloy formwork system integrates several independent systems, such as wall formwork, top formwork and support.The formwork shall be assembled at one time to realize one-time pouring;

2. The support adopts the principle of early demolition, with only single-sided formwork and two-layer support, and the pouring speed of one floor in 3-4 days can be realized as far as possible. Improve the construction efficiency and the turnover rate of formwork to reduce the cost;

3. It is convenient to realize factory construction. In the preparation stage of the project, the formwork supplier has customized the complete formwork system according to the building structure, and has carried out the overall assembly before being transported to the construction site. In this way, all kinds of unpredictable problems that may be found in the construction site and dealt with immediately are reduced;

4. Service life. In view of its high recovery rate of residual value, aluminum template has its objective application value from the cost accounting.