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Bridge Formwork Crack Prevention Measures and Precautions for Applying Release Agents

Measures to prevent cracks in bridge formworks

One issue that often arises during the use of bridge formworks is the occurrence of cracks, which can be a major problem. To solve this problem, attention must be paid to the design of the formworks.

Measures taken during the design process

To prevent the occurrence of load cracks, try to avoid sudden or abrupt changes in structure or cross-sectional shape. If such changes are unavoidable, detailed treatment should be carried out, such as rounding corners at angles and creating a gradual transition at sudden changes, while also strengthening structural configuration to improve the crack resistance of the concrete.

To prevent cracks caused by rusting of composite formworks or adjustable formwork used in bridge construction, the design of the bridge formworks should strictly control crack width in accordance with regulatory requirements, and use sufficient thicknesses of protective layers and anti-corrosive concrete.

Measures taken to prevent formwork cracking

Prior to tying the reinforcement, rust removal work should be carried out to ensure the quality of the steel used. Steel bars that are processed in factories and shipped to the construction site for installation must have the spacing between them strictly controlled during installation.

The specifications, models, quantity, spacing, geometric dimensions, joint positions and quality of composite steel formworks should all meet the requirements of the design drawings and construction specifications, and raw material and joint tests should be strictly carried out. Sufficient space should be left between layers of steel reinforcement, and concrete blocks of a certain thickness should be used to separate the outer layer of steel bars and the formwork.

What should be noted when applying mold release agents to bridge formworks?

There are many construction projects involved in the construction of bridge formworks, of which applying mold release agents is one. Do you know what issues need to be considered when applying mold release agents? Let's take a look together.

  • Apply the mold release agent after polishing is done. Generally, salad oil is used as the release agent, and it should be applied evenly without leaving any dead angles.

  • Before application, the formwork should be cleaned thoroughly and kept dry. The release agent can be applied before the formwork is installed, or after installation if conditions do not permit prior application.

  • The amount of release agent applied should not be excessive, and there should be no overflow, to avoid the salad oil flowing onto the concrete surface and affecting its quality.

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