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Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Formwork and Use of Release Agent

1. The characteristics of the use of aluminum alloy formwork

As a new type of building formwork that has appeared in recent years, aluminum alloy formwork can be used in more and more places in the world. It is superior to traditional formwork in many aspects such as material, construction effect, cost budget, service life, and environmental protection. For customers, we can reduce project costs, improve project quality, speed up construction period, avoid human errors in the construction process, and have no residual engineering waste after dismantling the boards, providing construction personnel with a civilized working environment.

Aluminum alloy formwork has the advantages of light weight, flexible disassembly and assembly, high rigidity, long service life, large board surface, less joints, high precision, smooth and clean poured cement, low dependence on machinery for construction, and can reduce labor and material costs. Wide range, low maintenance cost, high construction efficiency, high recovery value.

Aluminum alloy formwork is suitable for the use of formwork such as wall formwork, horizontal floor slab, column, beam, climbing formwork and bridge formwork. Can be assembled into small, medium or large templates. The product is light in weight and can be assembled manually or mechanically hoisted after molding. The main connection method is the wedge pin connection, and the construction usually only requires a wrench or a small hammer, which is convenient and quick. Only a simple training of construction personnel is required before installation.

The aluminum alloy formwork manufacturer said that no matter how the aluminium formwork system is used, the basic methods and components are the same, and the construction personnel of the aluminum alloy formwork manufacturer can use it skillfully; the formwork has high precision, which can save the secondary plastering materials and labor costs of the wall, and Improve the quality of the building.

2. The use of aluminum alloy template release agent

In order to ensure the application effect of the release agent, it cannot be operated in rainy weather; when using the aluminum alloy formwork, the aluminum alloy formwork should be evenly brushed and not leaked; the water-based release agent should be mixed with water in a certain proportion, and must be mixed after adding the water. Use evenly; store in a cool place to prevent direct sunlight.

There are many aluminum alloy formwork used in modern construction projects. In order to make the wall surface smooth and flat after use, the process of building aluminum alloy formwork construction requires a release agent. We call it a special water-based release agent for building aluminium formwork. After the aluminium formwork is demolded with a water-based mold release agent, the color of the concrete is bright, which can minimize the generation of air bubbles on the surface of the concrete. The template after dismantling is easy to clean up, and it is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving water-based mold release agent.

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