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How About the Strengthening Effect of Circular Formwork

1. Round column formwork

Round column formwork is a very widely used formwork in construction projects. Especially in recent years, with the development of the construction industry, equipment made of many different materials has been widely used in the construction industry.

As a plastic formwork manufacturer, TECON formwork is the lightest and most durable formwork among all forms with very good strength and hardness, which is used more and more in construction engineering, bringing more convenience for people in the construction process and better landscape effect.

2. What are the main features and advantages of round column formwork?

The surface of round column formwork is smooth with high structure density, and it is not easy to deform during use. The concrete round column after pouring also has accurate dimensions and regular shapes, and the surface fully meets the requirements of the clear water column and the needs of people to use them in engineering.

Plastic building shuttering also has good toughness, impact resistance and high strength. Compared with building shuttering made of other materials, it also has a certain degree of wear resistance, portability, and can be quickly assembled, bringing more convenience for people during construction.

The surface of circular column formwork is smooth and flat with the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong waterproofness, and can be used in multiple cycles, which is suitable for pouring fair-faced concrete in various construction projects. Round column formwork has the characteristics of strong adhesion, light weight, high anti-expansion pressure strength, and good water resistance.