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How to Extend the Service Life of Scaffolding

We know that the use of scaffoldings has a certain number of years. Theoretically, it is ten years. However, due to the lack of maintenance, deformation and wear, the service life is greatly shortened. In addition, the situation that improper storage in use results in the loss of parts also occurs. It makes the production cost greatly increased. TECON will give you warm tips to extend the service life of scaffoldings that we should pay attention to the following points:

First, take bowl buckle type scaffolding for example, we should strictly follow the planning in the construction to avoid unnecessary loss. Some parts of bowl buckle scaffolding are very easy to be damaged, so it is necessary to have professional personnel with certain experience to carry out construction, which can effectively reduce the loss and ensure the safety of operation.

Second, keep it properly. Waterproof and moisture-proof measures shall be taken to prevent corrosion when placing scaffolding equipment. At the same time, orderly discharge is convenient for standardized management, and not easy to cause disorder or loss of accessories. Therefore, it is better to have a special person responsible for the recycling and warehousing of the shelves, and record the usage at any time.

Third, regular maintenance. Anti-rust paint should be applied to the shelf regularly, usually once every two years. In areas with high humidity, it is required to apply anti-rust paint once a year to ensure that the shelf will not rust.

For the enterprises engaged in scaffolding leasing, extending the shelf life can improve the utilization rate and create more income. Of course, when it comes to the service life stipulated by the state, we also have to do scrap disposition according to the regulations, which is also directly related to the construction safety and enterprise reputation.