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What Is The Purpose And Use Of The Formwork In Construction?

Formwork is a framework structure, which is used to protect the support frame. To be able to apply this template better, the steel structure formwork, generally used in the building, this template is capable of stamping cement, etc. 


Formwork in building construction


The formwork is a temporary support structure. It is made according to design requirements, which allows the concrete structure and components to form the correct position of the architectural template, and withstand the self-weight and role of the formwork according to the prescribed position, geometric size. External load. The purpose of conducting a template project is to ensure the quality of concrete engineering and construction, speed up construction progress and reduce engineering costs.

The main purpose of the formwork is to form and maintain newly pouring concrete so that it reaches a certain strength to withstand the temporary structure of the self-weight and remove the model plate.


Features of types of formwork in construction


Most types of shuttering systems of the reinforced concrete structure consist of two parts, one is formwork for forming concrete components and design size; its second is to ensure the shape, size, and spatial position of the architectural template.

The building materials are fixed very strong, to make our building construction more secure, this steel structure formwork is indispensable. For the formwork for some new materials, it is generally convenient to use, easy to move, can be reused, facilitating environmental protection, which is also the development of modern architectural templates.


Applications of different types of formwork


The formwork is not only used in buildings, but also in many other industries, such as the fixedness of concrete, some wooden rubber production, and many of our family-used artificial synthetic woods that have the trace of architectural templates. To use more convenience, people also develop more materials templates.

The seasonal reason is also the main point of considering for the formwork, whose thermal conductivity is low, and the construction wood template has certain insulation and conservation in the construction wood template when the concrete winter is constructed.